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Shakti Vivisection

Posted in Uncategorized on June 10, 2014 by Alex S. Johnson

Shakti Vivisection

lap dance of the gods

so do it right and get

the bump and grind core 

action now


Standing in the midst

of the burning crowd

electric anger cooks

between the shoulderblades


The ax falls down

and the hunt is done

the animal cries its hurt and shame

for what it has become


The hunter moves

shameless, naked, alone

behind her countless masks

deformity, conformity, spears and shadows

wretched fools die once and ever more

sweep of the robes unfurling

gold-rimmed cloth descending

venom carved from the block

goes back to Brahman


Eyes rimmed by black

the moon’s skeleton

brimming forth with golden light

traces its magic

and the old man lies down

in the meat of the jewel


As the young dilate on their thrones

with passion still contriving

as stars trickle amber oil

on the anointed

Jesu Christos in mourning for the dolphin

Fishers taste the blood of mermaids 


Begin from the beginning

where the end fashions its daggers

the world engine screams

like an eagle descending

Joe Oroborus soft detective

mucked up and mired in the turbines


All is consciousness

All is light

All belongs to the


Of the divine

Chant its many names

Imploring it, no more

Please keep the dragon from my door

And let me drink of liberation

From the vessel of your eyes